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Kurdistan, Where Historical Credit is Due

By Mehrdad R. Izady, 1992 In correspondence with the prestigious British scientific journal, Nature (Vol.360,5, Nov. 1992, p.24), Rudolph Michel of the Museum of Applied Science, Center for Archaeology, Patrick McGovern of University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania and Vlrginia Badler, Department of Near Eastern Studies, University of ...
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Sharafkhan Bidlisi

By Dr Kamal Mirawdeli Sharafkhan Bidlisi (Kurdish: Mír Sheref el Dín Bitlísí) was born to a ruling family from the tribe of Rozaki (Rozakí) in North Kurdistan in 1543. This background provided him with both opportunity to get excellent education in the sciences of his time, and also to become ...
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The Sharafnama of Bitlisi: manuscript copies, translations and appendixes

by Anwar Soltani Presented to the International Conference on the Sharafnama in Berlin, 1-3 May, 1998 THE MANUSCRIPTS Soon after the completion of the Sharafnama in August 13, 1797, several copies were made by various scribes of kings and amirs, both in Iran and in the Ottoman Empire. The oldest ...
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The drowning of the Kurdish historical and artistic heritage

By Prof. Mehrdad R. Izady The late Dr. Henny Harald Hansen (1900-93) will long be remembered for her many authored and co-authored works on Kurdish women. What is little known of her is that Dr. Hansen first introduction to Kurdistan at the ripe age of 57 was when as a member ...
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The first documented resettlement of Kurds

The First Documented Resettlement of Kurds into Western and Southwestern Anatolia circa 181 BC By: M. R. Izady, July 1998 During the Seleucid/Macedonian period that followed the conquest of the Persian Achaemenian Empire by Alexander the Great in 330 BC, at least one major episode of resettlement of Kurds into western ...
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From Ducats to Dollars

Scruples of Kurdish Political Elite under Scrutiny M. R. Izady, 1994 Sultan Selim I, The Grim (1470-1520) Limping back from the bloody Battle of Chaldiran against the Safavid Persians in 1514, the Ottoman Sultan Selim “the Grim” received Idris Bitlisi, a Kurdish man of great influence and diplomacy, but of ...
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