Welcome to KURDISTANICA, the comprehensive digital information and database centre dedicated to the Kurdish People. As the foremost virtual organization, KURDISTANICA is a globally recognized Academic Open Network, committed to developing a multilingual Kurdish encyclopaedia on the World Wide Web, since Oct 1992. Our non-partisan, non-political, and not-for-profit platform aims to disseminate accurate knowledge about the Kurds. To request a copy of our constitution, please contact us via email.

Discover the Power of KURDISTANICA: Your Go-To Resource

Kurdistanica: The Ultimate Kurdish Encyclopaedia for Global Knowledge - a comprehensive source covering Kurdish history, culture, and contributions in a globally accessible format.

KURDISTANICA is exclusively available in electronic format on the World Wide Web, an expansive network connecting billions of subscribers from over 198 countries, and constantly growing. Our program offers in-depth information about the Kurdish People, their ancient history, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant traditions, along with current updates on Kurdistan’s affairs. Serving as the first nationwide project of its kind, KURDISTANICA can be accessed worldwide, free of charge, from any computer with an internet connection.

Explore KURDISTANICA: Unveiling the Website

Our website showcases the initial version of KURDISTANICA, highlighting its structure, relevant articles, and news. We invite you to contribute to this endeavour by providing us with accurate information about Kurdistan and all topics related to the Kurds. As a trusted resource for the global public, journalists, and humanity

We welcome your involvement in the KURDISTANICA project. Consider participating by: Sending us reports about Kurdistan, sharing valuable insights.

Providing information about books, publications, and background documents related to Kurdistan.

Sharing photographs, scanned images, videos, CDs, music cassettes, and films, along with relevant details.

Submitting information about talented artists, writers, poets, and film or theatre producers, accompanied by brief descriptions or excerpts from their life and works.

Informing us about cultural, political, and academic events, including dates, locations, objectives, participants, and organizers.

Sharing information about cultural or political organizations, detailing their history, aims, programs, objectives, means, and regional activities (informational basis only, no propaganda).

Providing us with geographical, geopolitical, socio-political, or statistical information about Kurdistan and its regions.

Submitting short stories, proverbs, poems, or personal experiences related to Kurds or Kurdistan.

Offering contact addresses or links to other websites containing relevant information about Kurdistan.

Sharing press releases or news articles regularly, focusing on the Kurdish people or granting us access to such information.

Assisting in preparing information for publication on KURDISTANICA, including scanning and developing new technological means for presentation, as well as contributing to site maintenance and updates.

Participating as a guest for online panel discussions, answering user questions, and providing a valuable service to journalists.

Helping with information translation. While our site will be initially presented in the language received, we aim to gradually provide relevant information in multiple languages. Check our help section for more details.

Unleashing the Potential: Advancing the Kurdish Cause

KURDISTANICA not only strives to provide information and facilitate interactive exchanges, but also aims to promote and support practical projects benefiting the Kurdish people in Kurdistan. We encourage local and international humanitarian organizations to collaborate and implement initiatives such as equipping libraries and providing study materials. This platform can also serve as a hub for sharing information on development, emergency aid, urgent appeals, and support for medical teams. We eagerly await your ideas and contributions!

Join the Journey: Supporting KURDISTANICA

We sincerely hope that KURDISTANICA captures your interest and effectively advances the Kurdish cause. We aim to provide an enjoyable experience while extending our heartfelt appreciation for your efforts. Thank you in advance for your support, and we send our best wishes for your journey with KURDISTANICA.

The project manager of KURDISTANICA, Dr. Dilan MR Roshani

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