Qazi Muhammad


Qazi Muhammad [1900 – 1947] (Kurdish: Qazí Mihemed) was born on 1st May 1900 in the city of Mehabad in Mukríyan province in Kurdistan. He was a political and religious leader who became the Head of the Republic of Kurdistan in Mehabad in 22nd Jan 1946.

Qazi Muhammad was the founder of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran, the PDKI, which was a successor of a secret organisation “Komelley Jhíyanewey Kurd”.

A year later in 1947, after the Soviets withdrew from Iran, the Kurdish Republic was crushed by Iran’s central government. The Iranian military court sentenced Qazi and some of his associates to death, and he was hanged in Chwarchira Square (Kurdish: Meydaní Cuwarcira), in the centre of the city of Mehabad, on March 30, 1947.


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