Kamal Mazhar Ahmad

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Prof Kamal Mazhar Ahmad


Prof Kamal Mazhar Ahmad (Kurdish: Kemal Mezher Ehmad) was born in Silémaní, Baban province 1938, . He grew up in a turbulent time of the Iraqi history when General Abdul Karim Qassem came to power after a military coupe. Young Kamal after finishing his college education in Silémaní went to Soviet Union for further education. He finished his PHD in history and returned to Iraq in mid-60s.

Kamal started his academic career as a lecturer at the Baghdad University. Soon in the beginning of 1970s he became an active member of the “Kurdish Scientific Society” (Kurdish; Korrí Zanyarí Kurd).

Following Kurdish uprising in 1974 he joined the Kurdish resistance in the mountains. Soon after he went back to his job in Baghdad. He continued to teach at the Baghdad University until the fall of Saddam in April 2003. During these years he became Professor in Histroy.

Prof Kamal Mazhar Ahamd has published numerous books on Kurdish history both in Kurdish and Arabic, some of which have been translated into English.

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