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From Ducats to Dollars

Scruples of Kurdish Political Elite under Scrutiny M. R. Izady, 1994 Limping back from the bloody Battle of Chaldiran against the Safavid Persians in 1514, the […]

The first documented resettlement of Kurds

The First Documented Resettlement of Kurds into Western and Southwestern Anatolia circa 181 BC By: M. R. Izady, July 1998 During the Seleucid/Macedonian period that followed the […]

The drowning of the Kurdish historical and artistic heritage

By Prof. Mehrdad R. Izady The late Dr. Henny Harald Hansen (1900-93) will long be remembered for her many authored and co-authored works on Kurdish women. What […]

The Sharafnama of Bitlisi: manuscript copies, translations and appendixes

by Anwar Soltani Presented to the International Conference on the Sharafnama in Berlin, 1-3 May, 1998 THE MANUSCRIPTS Soon after the completion of the Sharafnama in […]