Cultural characters


The National Goat – KELL

Origin The goats were the first livestock animal to be domesticated. The pinpoint this landmark moment: 10,000 years ago in southern Kurdistan in Gaji Dara [Genjí […]

National Birds

Red-legged partridge with scientific name “Alectoris rufa” calls “Kew, kev, Kewk, keví, and kevkí” in Kurdish. Red-legged partridge is normally 33 centimetres in length, but does not mention […]

National Anthem

Sirúdí Níshtimaní Kurdistan, Ey reqíb Ey reqíb her, mawe qewmí Kurd ziman Nayshékiné daneyí topí zeman (2) Kes nellé Kurd mirdúwe, Kurd zíndúwe Zíndúwe hích nanewí […]
The Flag of Kurdistan

Flag of Kurdistan

The National Flag of Kurdistan INTRODUCTION: The aim of this document is to introduce in brief the history of the current National Flag of Kurdistan and […]