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Kurdistan Mission (I)

The first part of the documentary "Kurdistan Mission " is now available on SCOLA television network on Internet. This documentary contains 12 episodes which covers the activities of the Lutheran Mission Orient Society in the city of Savoujbulax (Mahabad) and its environs. The documentary reveals many hidden aspects of the history of Mukriyan through personalities and thoughts of these missionaries, reasons to be in the area, witnessing the evens, and their services to health care, social and culture of the community.  

Are Kurdology departments needed?

by Bilal Sambur, TZ, 19/05/2009

The state-owned Turkish Radio and Television Corporation's (TRT) recent launch of a TV channel, TRT 6, has been followed by debates at the Higher Education Board (YÖK) and universities concerning whether universities should open Kurdish language and literature or Kurdology departments. 

These debates largely concentrate on whether opening such departments is legally feasible. Eventually, YÖK endorsed İstanbul University's demand for opening a center for Kurdish studies. The debates also serve to highlight the bitter truth that even if we can open Kurdology departments, we do not have academics to employ in this field. As our country needs the opening of Kurdology departments, the very field of Kurdology needs a new boost.

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